Tuesday, November 7, 2017

5 Months.... Few Words, and Pics

We have indeed been silent. It has been an incredibly busy summer and fall, full of many moments to write about, however I have not taken the time to do it.

Since June……
We have traveled to NY, Many Trips to GA, Two trips to FL.
We have moved from an 800 Square foot Apartment to a house that only God could put into our path.
We have been visiting church’s, thinking we have found the right fit.
H has started school, Kindergarten, and of course, Rocking it.
H has started Hip Hop Classes at a beautiful dance studio.
We have found a new Pediatrician, Occupational Therapist, Heart Dr, Chiropractor with a few more being added.
We are learning where to shop and where not to.
We have found a great dog park for Daisy to play.
We have found the walking trails throughout our neighborhood to be inviting and peaceful.
We have met neighbors whom we adore (even though they just told us they were moving).
Our girl has had her first fever.
She is learning Sign Language and Spanish
Our girl turned 6, Michael turned 44, and I just turned 39.
We had to put our sweet Elmo to sleep as he became very ill with cancer after the move.
Trick or Treating rocks in our neighborhood.
We have done the “Magnolia” Experience.

What we have learned about Texas:
Almost every road seems to be under construction.
Traffic is just as bad as Atlanta.
Drivers are very aggressive, VERY aggressive. It is cut throat here.
Mother Nature smokes crack out here. 90 one day, 45 the next. We keep out all seasons all year long.
It’s nice to be around family, and spend time with them.

What we know for sure:
We miss our people in Georgia.
We miss our community.
We see purpose in the move out here.
Our girl is still grieving the move.
The “honeymoon” phase of the move is over, reality has set in.
We are meeting some great people.
“Breaking in” is hard.
We love getting pen pal letters.

So, there you have it, 5 months of an update. I thought I would let the words be few and pictures speak for it all. I promise the next will not be so far off.

Pit stop on the way out to Texas

My beautiful girl in my dad's wedding. 

Our New House Key

Sweet girl hanging in FL

Cow Day

Hosanna's new room, Rainbows and all 

We miss you buddy. 

Daisy, loving Texas


In NY at the light house

K Open House

I lost my tooth

First Day of School 

Pretty Cool Paw Patrol Cake

Someone is 6!!!

Monday, June 5, 2017

My Heart Found a home... And it had to move

It has been a while since our last post. The rug got pulled out from under us in December when we accepted a job offer in Texas, and then two weeks later, Michael landed in the hospital. From there, we spent the next 8 days praying for the future encompassing his survival.  

Three weeks later he left for Texas. My Uncle made a space available in his house for him to stay, and I was left in GA with H along with getting our house ready to sell. I was numb to the idea of moving. After all, I had this little gal to take care of along with finish all the projects in our house that needed to be done prior to that sign going on the market. It consumed me, and I had to disappear from life for a season. Michael came home on his days off, which were crazy hours but we found a new normal.

We tried to keep things as normal as possible, we celebrated our 3rd family day with our sweet gift from Jesus. It has been an honor to watch her grow and change. It has also been an honor to answer the questions she is asking about where she came from. We have been charged with a great gift.

In early April the house went on the market, within 24 hours we had 22 showings and four offers. Closing was set for May 22nd.  It was a confirmation that we were on the right path.

Through that next month, the house was packed up, our stuff was sold (we purged a ton) and tried to explain to our girl what was going on. Hosanna had a ton of “final” acts. She graduated pre-school, had a dance recital.

It was during that last crazy weeks, as our lasts in GA happened, that I realized just how deep my heart found a home.

It was the first time in a very long time that I could say that. I had developed incredibly deep relationships in GA. I moved there fresh from China. I got married in GA, grieved the loss of my grandma, I spent 30 months with countless people cheering us to and brought home my baby, found a job and I deeply love, walked through the muck and mire with my husband. Only to come out better on the other side. Found some incredible mentors that allowed me a free space to be. My heart had found a home in all this, and I did not want to leave the comfort of that.

Now I sit in an 853 sq foot apartment. I have my girl and my guy. We have my uncle around the corner and two other people not to far from here that we know. It’s us, them and Jesus.

As people told me just how much they love me and my family. Their texts, cards, their hugs, tears, the well wishes, celebrations, prayers, I knew that I had found a place where I could be me. Despite my flaws, I was loved beyond measure by folks on this earth. That forgiveness existed, and people were willing to give it.

Two days on the road, 1 hotel room, a van filled with the dog, cat, and a dear friend who came for the drive, we made it to Texas. And now I sit here, longing for the place where my heart found a home. Longing to make connections with people and sit in a place of comfort. I long not to be searching for my new church home, for a area that I know how to get to. I long for coffee with my friends, our subdivision pool, my daughter to have play dates at Burger king. In fact, Hosanna even ask when we were going back to GA.

Moving is not easy. I know that we are where we are supposed to be. For now, we get to know our new normal is this little apartment that we have been given. A house will be coming, its already in the works. Hopefully that will help the need to connect with the locals.


Pit stop along the way

My Heart Found a home. 

Friday, January 20, 2017

The Big News

I have been wanting to write this post for several weeks but circumstances and other reasons have prevented it. The holidays happened, which were great for the Bowden’s. We traveled to FL right before to see family and then back home for a very quiet Christmas at our house. We relished the news that we had received shortly before that, grateful for what we were being given, humbled by the way the path was being laid out before us and overwhelmed with all the details to come.

Then right after Christmas, Michael was hospitalized. He earned himself an 8 day vacationJ at Piedmont Atlanta. I make light of it now, but it was an incredibly scary and tense time of wondering if I would be burying my husband. But grace abound and it was not the time.

We have spent the past weeks getting used to the new normal, getting back into a routine in our house. Itching to share this news and yet there were still people that we needed to tell face to face or at least through the phone. I am glad we held back, during this time we have seen even more of the path being laid out for us, and have watched in complete awe of how we have been once again taken care of. Grace abound……..

Back to our news, the Bowden Family will be going west, specially making our new homestead in Dallas Texas this spring. Yes you read that right, the Georgia born, never leave the state, Michael Bowden will be moving to TX with the adventurous family in tow.

Michael was offered an incredible position at American Airlines and he has accepted. “It is more of what you want and less of what you don’t” to quote him exactly.

Last January, I told Michael I thought that we should start working on the house for a possible sale. He looked at me for a second bewildered. Something in my heart said we would be moving. H will be in Kindergarten next year, we were not happy with the schools where we were at and needed to figure out what that would look like. But there was more, I just knew we would move. We slowly have been working on our fixer upper. Through the year, he had heard several No’s to things that he looked at. But I knew. Texas kept coming up for us over and over. Through people on the street that I would meet, people through adoption groups, articles I would read. So when he got the call for an interview in December I knew. And as we waited, I knew.

Of course the hospital stay was completely unexpected and traumatic to say the least. We wondered the whole time if this Texas thing would still happen. All the Dr’s said yes, you can go. In fact we even know Dr’s out there for you.

The pieces have slowly come together for us. Provision has been made in so many ways that I think we are both speechless. And so in a week, Michael will pack his car and head out. My uncle lives out there (the one person we actually know) and he will be housing Michael for a while. H and I will spend our time finishing out the school year and packing the house with the ultimate goal of it selling quickly. We are excited, overwhelmed, open handed and ready for the next chapter in our lives. Lots will be happening in the next months and will more than likely bring a range of emotions but for now I sit in thankfulness. My husband is alive, he has had an amazing 21 year career at his summer jobJ and will put on his boots and head west for the next chapter of his career.

Prayers would be appreciated. There is so much to do in a short period of time here in GA, and that does not include figuring out where we will live after. But that will come.